Web Design and Programming
Birmingham, Alabama

About Us

State of the art web software for your business or organzation

We combine our technical expertise with your knowledge of your business or organization to produce web sites for your specific requirements.

These range from relatively simple sites giving you a "web presence", to fully interactive on-line stores and customer portals.  With our responsive designs, your site performs equally well on mobile devices and computer displays of all sizes.

Web Sites & Web 2.0

Web Sites

Our site creation charges start at $350.00 for a basic one-page-plus-contact site.  Three-page sites usually cost $500.00 to $600.00.  More elaborate sites (with shopping carts, member subscriptions, etc.) naturally cost more.  Site complexity and features are up to you.

Web Programming

Web 2.0 programming offers much more than just an advertising site.  Its allows fully interactive web applications that allow your customers – or employees – to conduct their business with you online.

Examples include complete online stores, reservation systems, customer access "portals", and much more.

Social Media & SEO

Social Media Integration

Your web site presents your message in depth and detail.  Using social media both increases the traffic to the site, and allows you to make dynamic updates to your online message.

We integrate your site with your social media to different levels, ranging from simple reciprocal links, through reciprocal and automatic postings, depending on your needs and online strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We create your site using best practices to move you up in search results with Google, Yahoo, Bing, and local search engines.  We then submit your sites to the search engines so customers will find you online.